Skip the Tip!

It's Time to End the Practice of Tipping

Really? Stop Tipping???!

Skip the Tip is a campaign to end the common U.S. practice of customers supplementing the wages of restaurant servers and other service workers with gratuities.

In other words: Stop tipping!

Why should tipping end?

There are many reasons why tipping is a big social problem, and we address several of them in our FAQ below. But here are two of the most important reasons:

Tipping is unfair to workers. In most countries around the world, tipping is far less widespread and accepted. In these countries, employers must pay service workers a fair wage and not leave most of their compensation to customers. But in the U.S., employers are legally allowed to pay certain categories of service workers far less than the minimum wage, leaving workers dependent on the whims of customers to ensure that they make enough to live on. What's more, this service minimum wage has risen much more slowly than the standard minimum wage over the last few decades. Service workers now are even more dependent on customers than ever before.

Tipping is confusing and uncomfortable for customers. No one enjoys trying to decide how much money to leave a server or calculating the correct percentage of the bill to leave as a tip. When we purchase other items, we assume that the business is charging enough to account for paying a fair wage to employees. It's not the customer's responsibility to make those calculations or ensure that employees are being paid enough. It shouldn't be their responsibility in the service industry either.

How will we end tipping?

Well, to begin with, we can just stop leaving tips. But we can also educate servers and restaurant management about why tipping is a problem by leaving a message instead of money. Our “Tip Slips” are perfect for this purpose. We have two versions: one that can be left with a tip, and one that is left in place of a tip.

Will leaving Tip Slips instead of a tip get people upset? Yes. Will it send a message? Yes. Will it force change? We hope so.

Who can end tipping?

You, that's who. This kind of social change must come from the bottom up. You are the person who can take the first step with one simple action. If enough of us take action, the system will have to change.

If you are a server, this is your opportunity to send a clear message to management that you should be paid a living wage, instead of relying on factors beyond your control. You should be paid fairly.

If you are a business owner, here is your opportunity to show your employees and customers that you are on their side.

When should we do this?

Now. Start today.

Where should we take action?

Everywhere that tips are customarily given.

Not ready to drop a Tip Slip in a five star restaurant? Then drop one in your local coffee shop tip jar to spread the word.  


The FAQ below addresses questions from customers, servers, and business owners. 

Thanks for your interest and participation!


The following three sections address commonly asked questions by customers, servers and businesses. 

Q & A for Customers

Tipping doesn't occur in many, many professions, yet we still get good service in those.

The plain fact is that tipping does not necessarily correlate with good service. There are countless articles written about how servers can increase their tips with simple tricks like squatting at the table, putting a smiley face on the bill, wishing them a goodnight, or touching the sleeve of the customer. Factors like how good looking the server is, how the customer is paying (cash vs. credit card), and other inconsequential circumstances can also directly affect the size of the gratuity.

We believe that it is not the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the server is being paid a fair wage. The customer cannot fire a bad server, only management can. It's time for customers to be treated as patrons, and not require them to participate in payroll decisions. 

Also, a bad server may not be influenced at all by their tips. In the end, the restaurant management must make take action on servers who are doing a poor job and reward the ones who display excellence.
Many, many countries either don't honor the practice of tipping or discourage it outright. The United States is the highest tipping nation in the world, yet we are not known for its excellence in food service. Japan leads the pack with outstanding service, yet tipping is considered insulting and is not practiced at all.
No, it isn't. Servers can be paid a fair and consistent wage by the establishments they work for. Many factors can influence tips, including menu offerings, marketing, customers' choices, etc.. A lot of these factors can be out of the server's control. Tying the server's wage to these factors is just not fair.

Worse yet, there is no consistent policy on how or whether tips are divided among servers, cooks, and other support staff.

And while there is primarily anecdotal evidence of it, most servers underreport their cash tips. For a quick education, ask a server friend how common the practice is.
This system is already unfair to servers. We believe that the best way to force a national conversation and bring about positive change for employees is by leaving Tip Slips. “That's the way it's always been done” isn't a good enough reason to keep following a system that doesn't make much sense for customers or servers. This is your chance to make a statement.
We want to underscore that tipping is a voluntary practice. It is not required, and it's your only opportunity to take a stand against it. There may be many reasons for leaving no tip, but leaving a Tip Slip makes your actions and intentions clear.
Studies have shown that tipping can unfairly discriminate against minorities. If the server perceives that your minority group tips poorly, then it's likely that you will receive poor service. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Furthermore, a recent study suggests a link between sexual harassment of servers and tipping.
Tip Slips broadcast your participation in this movement. They let the server and management know that when you didn't leave a tip, it was out of principle, not because you were unhappy with the service. You can download Tip Slips at the bottom of this page.
If you get bad service, then mention it to the management. This is the only way to correct it. The old way of leaving a low tip never gets the message to the person who most needs to know.
Tipping was pretty much unheard of until after the Civil War. For a good chunk of this country's history tipping was not practiced.
You can spread the word by distributing Tip Slips and telling people about this site on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. You can also send us your feedback to

"I Hate Tipping"

- Sarah G.

Q & A for Servers

Servers need tips to live. How will I make enough money?

You will make enough money by working with your employer to move to a Skip the Tip business model. Your paycheck will be a fixed, consistent amount, and not be influenced by the number of customers walking in the door, what they order, discounts, promotions, and a number of other factors beyond your control.
Putting aside the issue of a variable paycheck, in some states it is legal for businesses to pay servers far below the minimum wage.

Worse yet, a recent study suggests a link between sexual harassment of servers and tipping.
It's simple math. Your employer can raise menu prices to cover the price of your wage. They can do this while the business enjoys the benefits of a adopting a tip-free model.
It's the same as working for tips, only you know what your paycheck will look like at the end of the week.
Every situation is unique, but showing them a Tip Slip might be a good place to start. It's your proof that customers are no longer going to support an outdated model and you need management to take action. Referring them to this site will also provide them with information and guidance on how they can make changes to their establishment.
You can spread the word by talking to your management about becoming a “Skip the Tip” business. We have specific information on this site for businesses (see the next section.) You can also tell people about this site on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. We are interested in your thoughts. Send us an email at

"Tipping never made sense to me."

- Brad S.

Q & A for Businesses

Simple, you can raise your prices slightly. We don't recommend itemizing it as a service charge, because it essentially is an added expense on top of the published menu prices.

There are several:

* You will be sending a message to your employees that you want to ensure that they are consistently being paid a fair wage and that you are looking after their best interest.

* You broadcast to your customers that the price on the menu is the true price of the food—no more hidden charges or awkward calculations at the end of the meal.

* You broadcast to the community that your establishment is on the cutting edge of this movement.

* You can attract better servers by paying higher wages.

Your payroll expenses will increase, but so will your revenue, so it should net out. Unless tips are being underreported, the payroll taxes should remain basically the same.

Some customers may feel compelled to tip out of habit. We suggest that you adopt an “All Tips to Charity” policy and/or remove tip lines from receipts. A publicly visible donation jar for a local charity could be used for any submitted tips.

You can convert your establishment to a Skip the Tip model. This bold step will broadcast to the community that you are a leader in this movement, and will help spread the word. You can also tell people about this site on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. We are interested in your thoughts. Please send us an email at

Tip Slips

We have two Tip Slips depending on your level of comfort and circumstance. Click on appropiate Tip Slip icon below to print out a sheet and leave them to show your support!

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